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Does true love deserve a second chance?

The summer before university, affluent Emily Montgomery met and fell in love with local busboy Finn Wainwright. After only a few months, she knew this was a love to stand the test of time. When a family emergency forces her to leave town, a note to Finn is her only way to ask him to wait for her. He doesn't, disappearing without so much as a goodbye and no way to contact him.

Finn never fit in anywhere until the summer he met Emily. She coloured his grey world and he believed Emily was the love of his life. She proved him wrong with a "Dear John" note that broke his heart. In self defense, Finn deserts his old life and family, vanishing into the world of the military.

Eight years later, a twist of fate brings Finn back to the United States, straight into Emily's life. Neither knows time hasn't changed their feelings, but family obligations, old prejudices and unseen forces try to prevent them from discovering the truth. Will Emily and Finn rekindle their romance or is the past to hurtful to overcome?

A reimagination of Jane Austen's Persuasion.

Chasing perfection might mean running away from love.

Perfection is a perception in Mary's world - one she works hard to maintain. Constantly chasing the life she thinks she deserves, Mary has mostly resisted the temptations of the small town bartender Simon. Until her younger sister marries Simon's brother and Mary is forced to confront her feelings.  Will she follow her head and continue dating the husband material she thinks she wants or will she listen to her heart?

Simon has never been able to resist Mary, even when it's a bad idea.  And it's usually a bad idea. When they are thrown together he plucks up the courage to make one final stand to try to win her heart. Will it cost him everything or be worth the world?

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